The Olympic games only come once every four years, or in the case of a pandemic, once every five. As the greatest display of athleticism in the world has taken center stage these past few weeks, it turns out there’s more to learn from the Olympics than simply who comes out as the greatest athlete.That’s right—as a marketer, there are valuable lessons your business can learn from the Olympics! Check out some of those lessons below and take inspiration from the world around you as you put your best efforts forward in the business world. 

Stick with What Works

Just as with all past Olympic opening ceremonies, this year the committee stuck with specific traditions that work. They bring viewers back time and time again. Even though the crowds had ceased to fill the stadium, the ceremonial Olympic torch was still ignited, being passed from athlete to athlete. In your marketing efforts, know what your audience expects and what keeps them coming back, much like these traditions. Stick with the methods that have worked well in the past. 

Adapt When Necessary

While the Olympics are generally a huge tourist attraction for countries across the globe, this year looks very different because of the global pandemic. Spectators are no longer allowed to pack the stands and cheer on their favorite teams. As a marketer, you undoubtedly needed to adapt in the past year. Remember that nothing is content and things change quickly. You probably found ways to reach your audience digitally in the past year instead of in-person, or even in their mailboxes with direct mail. Consistently evaluate how you need to change and adapt. 

Take Care of Yourself and Your Teammates

In addition to a good business lesson, this is a good lesson in life. Simone Biles, known as the greatest gymnast of all time for the stunts she has been able to achieve, withdrew herself from competition because she wasn’t feeling her best mentally. Many have praised her strength for putting herself and her health first. 

This is a lesson we can all learn, especially in our business efforts. Work hard, but don’t forget to take care of yourself. Your marketing efforts will be your best when you feel like you can give your best, so make sure to make time for yourself. Likewise, check in with your teammates to make sure they’re feeling their best, too. 

Do Your Best

All athletes are out there putting their best foot forward, and that’s all anybody can ask. You can be the greatest athlete, or a truly great company, and still make mistakes. Everybody does! The important thing is that you learn from your failures and continue pushing forward. Treat every marketing opportunity like it is the chance of a lifetime. After all, you never know where one opportunity could lead. 

Remember that Age is Just a Number

At the Olympic games in Tokyo, athletes range from ages 12 to 66. This goes to show that age is just a number! What exactly does this have to do with marketing? It’s important to never get caught up in the age-old adage “we’ve always done it this way.” Open your marketing mind to new ideas. Surround yourself with people who differ from yourself to get multiple viewpoints for your marketing efforts. Who knows—the best idea could come from somebody new on the marketing scene or from a tenured veteran.

Learn from Your Past

Many of these athletes are new to the Olympic games, but just as many have been in this position one or even more times. The latter can learn from their mistakes to make this Olympics one of the best it can be. As a marketer, you can apply that same knowledge. What worked well with your past campaigns? What would you change now that you’re a seasoned pro? Use the data you collected from your previous campaigns to drive forward your best results yet. 

While the Olympics are incredibly different from your business and marketing efforts, there are always lessons to be learned from the events going on around us. Take this opportunity to learn from some of the world’s best athletes! Adapt, learn from your past efforts, embrace new ideas and keep doing the things that work. Before you know it, you’ll have a gold-medal winning campaign!