It’s a tale as old as time, yet with a new generational spin. At the core of marketing is the idea that you need to get your message or product in front of as many people as possible who are considered qualified potential buyers. With each generation comes a new idea or a new way of doing business. However, the core principles remain the same.

While you’ve probably heard the buzzword “influencer marketing,” you may not yet fully grasp what that means. Have no fear! Let’s dive deep into the world of influencers and see if this marketing tactic might be right for your business by answering all of your influencer questions.

What Is Influencer Marketing?

Social Media influencers are people who have garnered a large following online and who are willing to promote your products for a fee or even free products. Influencers range from successful bloggers to reality tv contestants to an average joe comedian who amassed a huge following. Truly, an influencer can come from any background, which is why there is undoubtedly somebody out there who fits your perfect demographic to help you sell your product or service. 

Where Would I Find an Influencer?

This answer depends on your target audience. Influencers don’t have to have millions of followers. Some influential social users could have anywhere from one to a couple thousand followers. That said, don’t forget to think smaller and locally. There may be an influencer in your community who has a following similar to your target audience. 

Why Would I Consider Paying an Influencer?

Influencer marketing has the ability to reach a large audience, but it might not make sense for every business. Consider a trial run to determine if the risk is worth the reward. You could also consider paying based on the number of leads you receive. The best part about influencer marketing is that you can work with the influencer to develop a plan that works for both of you. Plus, who knows? The person promoting your products or services could simply be interested in receiving some free products because they love your brand!

What Would I Send an Influencer?

It’s important to establish an authentic connection with your marketing influencer. It’s entirely possible to pay somebody to promote your products or services, but your campaign will be much more successful if they truly believe in your brand. 

When sending your products or services for the person to review, the more “instagrammable,” the better. Package your products in a box that’s beautifully printed with an eye-catching design. If you’re offering services, print a coupon that your marketer will love to open up on camera. Think of beautiful packaging to help your products stand out.

How Will I Know If It Worked?

Much like you would use an alternate landing page or telephone number to track your direct mail campaigns, many influencers offer a small discount with a code you create for them. That way, you’ll know if anybody using the code has come from this person. Include their name in the discount code so it’s easy to track. 

“Influencer Marketing” may be the next trendy term, but it is rooted in time-tested marketing techniques. Think of this as the new way of getting your products or services noticed on social media without having to directly buy ad space (although that can work, too!). Remember that people trust people they know or admire, so get on social media and see if you can find somebody who loves your products or services and is ready to shout it from the virtual rooftops.